Frequently Asked Questions.




General Question

What is a VPS?
A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name implies it is your own private server which is hosted in the cloud/on the Internet. Like any server it is always on 24/7 and constantly online.
Think of your VPS as a personal computer that you rent on a monthly basis. You then access your computer through the internet and install your MT4 terminals so they run 24hrs per day.
Why do I need a Trading Forex VPS?
Any Trading EA requires the trading terminal to be running 24/7. If the trading platform is offline or shutdown the EA ceases to function.
With our VPS you can install any trading platform with your EA and it let it run 24/7. You can access your VPS using the Remote Desktop Connection at any time and you will see that your platforms are still running as you left it.
What is the Payment Gateway available and how is it billed?

We support PayPal. All charges are monthly and will be automatically paid from your PayPal account (if you used subscribe option). TradingFXVPS services can be cancelled at any time and invoices are available through the web interface.

Why are we only using Windows 2012 instead of 2008?


  • 2012 R2 Standard is newer and will get better performance out of the MT4 application.
  • In the event that there are any glitches that need fixing, the 2012 version has mainstream technical support that the 2008 version no longer has.
  • Client will be provisioned with Window 2012 during purchase however you can email support@tradingfxvps.com to switch to Window 2008 for $5 one-time fee upon availability.
  • For more information about 2008 vs 2012, visit our blog.

Account & Billing

How to pay using Credit/Debit card?

We accept Stripe payment which accept all type of credit/debit card such as AMEX, VISA and MASTERCARD.

Do you accept any other payment gateway?

We accept private payment through Neteller, Skrill and Bank Transfer. For Neteller and Skrill, please send your payment directly to vps@tradingfxvps.com and input your invoice number on comment, then notify us at support@tradingfxvps.com once you have make payment. We will verify your payment manually. 

How to extend my Trading VPS subscription?
Before 14 days the end date of your paid term an invoice will be sent automatically to your email.
You will have 14 days to pay the bill. Also, a reminder will be sent 7 days before the invoice due date.
What happen if I did not pay in time?
  • On the invoice due date you will receive a notification email about missed payment.
  • Then you will have 48 hours to arrange for a payment, otherwise your server will be switched off and terminated permanently in 48 hours.
  • If your VPS status is “Terminated”, this means that this VPS is permanently terminated and cannot be reactivated. In this case you may create a new order.
  • Please contact us if you need time extension.
How to reset password if I’ve forgotten my password?

Please email to support@tradingfxvps for a password reset.


Compatibility & Setup

Can Trading VPS work on all brokers?
TradingFXVPS support all brokers.
Is there any setup or configuration required?
Our trading VPS systems are delivered ready-to-go. You will be emailed all the information you need to access your VPS immediately. All you will need to do is log in to your VPS and setup your MT4 account, or download and install other software you would like to use.
Can Trading VPS work on all platforms, Expert Advisor(EA) & indicators?
TradingFXVPS are compatible with all trading platform. For example MetaTrader, cTrader & NinjaTrader etc.
TradingFXVPS allow any usage of software, EA , indicators you require for your trading.


When will TradingFXVPS schedule maintenance?
Maintenance work only run on weekend to avoid trading market activity which are specifically made for traders.
Why TradingFXVPS does maintenance on VPS?
Carrying out scheduled maintenance work is necessary and is done on a regular basis every 1-4 months. This will help your VPS to runs stably and efficiently, so any claims related to the server downtime will not be considered.
Will any data,software or files gone missing during the maintenance?
Your data will not be lost because we use a RAID array.
Why sometime I can't access my VPS on the weekend?

Your VPS are scheduled for maintenance and during maintenance VPS will not be available for usage. We will always send an email to inform client in advance before any maintenance. Please ensure our email doesn’t fall into your junk/spam folder. 

Can I opt out from server maintenance?

Unfortunately no as we strictly encourage our server to updated at all times for security purposes.
Avoiding server maintenance will not only put our server at risk, but also your private data on your VPS.


We provide ultra low latency for high-speed trading activity.